What is Vedic Maths and how it’s helpful?

Vedic Maths is an ancient Indian methodology derived from Atharveda it helps a child do maths more quickly and efficiently. The carefully derived word formulas enhance a child’s grasp of mathematics. Children trained in Vedic Maths tend to be more analytical and can apply logic better compare to normal children.

What is the difference between ABACUS and Vedic Maths program?

Abacus is a tool for visualization and arithmetic is a by product of visualization. It is useful for students who are below 12 years.
Vedic Maths programme is maths! Which can be used to solve problems in any branch of maths like, arithmetic, algebra, trigonometry etc? It simplifies maths along with a strong understanding of the concepts. It makes maths interesting and easy, so develops confidence in the students.


Is Vedic Maths religious?

Certainly Not! It is pure knowledge and knowledge has no religion. It can be easily understood in English and learn.

Is Vedic Maths a collection of tricks in maths?

No. Very often, Vedic Maths looks like tricks because of its simplicity.
Until you learn it, Vedic Maths looks like magic but the moment you understand it, it is purely Maths.

Is it used only for Arithmetic computations?

No. It is helpful in solving problems in any branch of Maths, Arithmetic, Algebra, Trigonometry and Decimal. It also helps us to think in different ways to solve the problem so that we can develop our own methods to solve problems rather than use a calculator.

Does it help my child to get good grades in the school?

Yes, that is the one of the most important reason for learning Vedic Maths. When you start enjoying maths, you develop confidence in the subject. When you are confident, you understand the concepts and when you understand the concepts you will certainly do better in the exams and score better grades in schools.

What are the benefits of learning Vedic Maths?

Learning Vedic Maths has several benefits:
Attitude: It develops your confidence in Maths. You will start enjoying Maths and thus start appreciating Maths. Naturally your perseverance goes up.
Metacognition: Once you start enjoying mathematics you will study Math without any persuasion. One of the important aspects of learning Vedic Maths is to make you a self regulated person.
Skills: The basic skills you learn are Numerical calculation, Algebraic manipulation, spatial visualization, Data analysis Measurement and the use of mathematical tools of Estimation
Process: It certainly develops your thinking skills as you will start thinking critically, logically and laterally…
Concepts: You will understand concepts better and it would changes your perception of Maths.


What is the time frame to learn Vedic Maths?

Vedic Maths complete course duration is about 6 month (1.5 hours/ week).

How are my thinking skills developed by learning Vedic Maths?

Maths is thinking! Here, you will simplify the process, start understanding the reasons for simplifications and develop your own simplification method. Your critical, logical, analytical and lateral thinking will certainly develop and you will become a creative thinker.


Does it improve my analytical thinking skills?

Yes, when you start understanding the reasons for simplifications, you start breaking down the components and your analytical thinking will develop.