Who we are?

AVMA (Abacus Vedic Maths Australia) is a Sydney based institute that is committed to work with children in the area of their skill development. This organization is established by a team of young and experienced professionals with vast experience to promote quality education by doing all our best in shaping the tomorrow’s world. Our objective is to introduce well researched, need based, quality skill development programs for children in the age group of 5 years and above.

We promise to enhance our excellence in quality, performance and methodology in the future and expect you to join hands with us for a better tomorrow for our children.

AVMA (Abacus Vedic Maths Australia) is committed in distributing innovative educational concepts to enhance mental capabilities in young children. We offer various courses such as the “ABACUS Learning Maths for kids 5-12” and “Vedic Maths for Children 12 years and over”.


To establish a perfect ABACUS institute which make difference in KIDS development.
We are determined to teach and train on brain development throughout the nations
and making community greater.


  • Provide a happy and caring, learning environment.
  • To develop Maths skills in children with fun.
  • Aspire to outstanding levels of individual achievement
  • To develop self esteem and confidence.
  • Celebrate success, positive attitudes and behaviour.
  • Development of Human Intellect, through improved Mind Concentration, Imagination and Memory.